Everything you need to learn Hebrew Vocabulary!

HebrewVocabulary.net is packed with excellent and innovative tools; tips, resources, ideas and blogs that can help you increase your Hebrew vocabulary, and ultimately improve your Hebrew as a whole.

How can I learn and retain new Hebrew Vocabulary?

Click on our ‘Vocabulary-Building Tool Page’, which is full of methods and ideas to help you learn your vocabulary.

Our blogs (see the column on the right) will also inspire you with ideas to help you to learn the vocabulary you need… Everyone has their own learning style, and some methods suit different people better. For this reason our blogs contain both personal and professional perspectives, with a broad range of ideas.

Where can I find the Hebrew Vocabulary I need?

‘English Hebrew by Subject’ is the ultimate resource for finding and learning Hebrew vocabulary in every subject! Together with a 12 hour audio CD, ‘English Hebrew by Subject’ is an easy and effective way to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and self-expression in every subject you need! (For more information click here).

You can also sign up here for our excellent, high quality newsletter, packed with FREE Hebrew vocabulary and phrases by subject, and sent to you monthly (to join and immediately receive your first phrase-sheet click here).

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